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22-23 September 2014, Institut Henri-Poincaré, Paris


Workshop Scope and Topics


In the last decades the computing and internet revolutions have opened up an enormous set of new possibilities in control that can impact citizens' lives through new health treatments, new transportation means, new services, new energy management (smart grids), etc. These complex systems (systems of systems, hybrid, networked,…) are cyber-physical systems that have become one of the ICT priorities, with human interactions representing a central aspect. With the increasing number of sophisticated systems, that often cooperate closely with humans or that need to be operated directly by a human operator, major current questions concern how to best consider human factors in the control loop. It is important to appreciate that this consideration is relevant across the control space, encompassing modeling, algorithm design, implementation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.  For these tasks and others, the human element needs to be more formally and rigorously understood, analyzed, and modeled than is the practice currently.

The aim of this workshop is therefore to bring together multidisciplinary experts and users to identify new challenges in human-CPS interactions. The workshop will include two tutorials, one dedicated to the state-of-the-art on cooperative human-CPS modeling approaches and one on human-centered haptic shared control. In addition, sessions will address the following topics, among others: human-machine symbiosis, humans as operators of complex systems, humans as agents in multi-agent systems and the human as a part of a controlled system.

Key Dates


Workshop date  22-23 september 2014

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