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Objectives : H-CPS-Iis dedicated to stimulating cross-fertilization in the field of technology design for the welfare of human beings, with particular reference to control science and engineering. By opening our view to a large space of applications and domains dealt with by different approaches, but where similarities can surely be identified, the main goals of this workshop are to highlight new challenges in Human-CPS-systems design, discuss their social impact and identify research opportunities to address and resolve the challenges.



Application Domains:

A non-exhaustive list of the applications is :

- Transportation (ground vehicles and rail, road monitoring, aerospace, space shuttle)

- Medicine (rehabilitation, neurostimulation, robotic surgery, ...)

- Smart grids (smart homes and buildings, smart grids acceptation, ...)

- .....



Given the transversal nature of the workshop, a non-exhaustive list of the domains and disciplines is :

- Control and computer sciences, complex and hybrid systems, robotics, new technologies and sensors, ...

- Medicine, psychology, ergonomics, cognitive sciences, ..

- Philosophy, ethics, ....


Workshop structure:

A main classification has been identified as :

- human-machine symbioses (eg. neurostimulation)

- humans as operators of complex systems (in transportation, in hazardous environments, in industry processes, etc)

- humans as agents in multi-agent systems (eg. traffic control)

- the human as a part in controlled systems (eg. smart homes and buildings)

- Others...


To submit a contribution to H-CPS-I, the corresponding author should please create an account and follow the instructions in 'submit'. Only abstract submissions are required and the template can be downloaded here.


Thank you for your interest in H-CPS-I, we look forward to meeting you in Paris!




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